What is Silk Move™ dance style?

Silk Moves™ is a dance for female fitness system, which follows the philosophy of Gyrokinesis, Dyna Bands and Ballet, while adding the real color and fun to your workout.

Circular and spiral movements of the torso (also used in Rhythmic Gymnastics) produce strong and subtle body shape. Through logical, Origami-like gestures participants create expressive movements with silks, while toning arm muscles along their full length.

Silk Moves™ improves posture, strength and shape of arms and the upper body quickly and in a safe fashion, while vibrant hues of silks chase the daily stresses away. In the room of moving colorful flow, participants dissolve in motion and music and emerge new, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Silk Moves™ enhances the body, spatial relationship, strength, flexibility and grace with flying colors!

Silk Moves is Different

No Counting Steps

Chase the stress and daily blues away, dancing with the vibrant colorful soft, gentle but strong, natural silks. Texture of the silk awakens and refines the sensitivity and sensuality in your body, especially in computer-tired finger tips. The circles and spirals of the torso, as well as the extension of the spine (also used in yoga, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and tai chi) make the body strong and subtle. This deceptively easy but effective arm and upper body dance workout looks like fluid fireworks and feels like fun game.

No Choreography

Once you know the step, you own it and can do it without following an instructor’s personal choreography. Because the steps follow the same structure, whether you are doing it in , Australia, India or the US, SilkMoves® is truly universal.

Today’s Popular Radio Hits

We do SilkMoves® to popular music that appeals to a global audience. The music is energizing and addictive.

Everyone Can Do SilkMoves®.

Because the steps are structured everyone can do SilkMoves®. All having a terrific experience in the same class!

It Does Not Feel Like Working Out At All.

Because of the energizing music, the fun and great motivation coming from people moving together to music, participants become addicted to SilkMoves®.


Who Created Silk Moves™?

SilkMoves® was developed by international fitness personality Julia Kulakova, a leading New York based Dance Fitness Instructor. Tapping into her native Russian roots as a dancer, she developed SilkMoves® for her own classes over a five year period. Since then, SilkMoves® has developed a loyal following across the globe with participants in dozens of countries.

If you would like to promote and bring Silk Moves to your facility(health club chains, independent studios, schools and community centers), or are interested in becoming an instructor, please contact us for more info:info@silkmoves.com

An Open Invitation

Commit to maintain and improve your well being.

Silk Moves offers a variety of dynamic classes to s various fitness levels and personal preferences. These moves are designed to improve your flexibility, strength and cardiovascular capacity. Our focus is to help you be healthy, have fun, stay safe and keep motivated.

No previous dance or exercise class experience required.

SilkMoves offers fall, winter and spring sessions, as well as, various special events throughout the year.

I look forward to your energy and participation!

- Julia Kulakova

Client Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the Silk Moves class. You are brilliant to have come up with this way of aesthetic conditioning that is so satisfying to see and feel. When I was dancing and singing along (which I could not resist) and seeing the colors swirling all around, it was like being in an exhilarating, ecstatic trance. Perfect!

- Lisa Callan, NYT Media Group