Dance Experiences and Workshops

1. Global Dance Traveler Experience.

Experience the moves of excitement, longing, passion, nostalgia, power, devotion and joy, wisely preserved in ethnic dances. Let contagious exotic tunes wake up your body and stimulate senses. Enjoy the interactive embodying journey from countries to people, from emotions to the hearts. Discover the similarities which unite us, and the differences, which make life interesting. Find your new vibrant and rhythmic self through dance of humanity on the path to global unity. We are all ethnic, we are all global

  • Specifics
    • Get familiar with Indian, Russian, Turkey, Balkan Italian, North African and Spanish Gypsy dance and music styles: Common features and differences
    • Compare Gypsy dances with American street dance and musical theatre dance
    • Learn to dance several rhythms in the body simultaneously
    • Add the entertainment “Wow” factor in Gypsy style - with colors, speed, acrobatics and audience interactions

  • Teaching Video from UNESCO Congress on Dance Research
    • Indian Gypsy  
    • Part II  

  • Choreography
    • Russian Gypsy  
    • Balkan/Spanish Structured Improvisation  

2. Beauty of Bollywood

Dancing in Bollywood movies is exuberant, colorful and always – entertaining. The viewers of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ rated Bollywood as the second most complex dance style on the show.

Bollywood dancing, routed in Indian folk and classical traditions, is much nuanced. Legs, hips, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head, and eyes – everything moves simultaneously. There’s always a story telling. There’s logic to this beautiful fun madness, accessible through Indian traditions, history and mythology.

  • Specifics:
    • Get familiar with rich Indian Folk and Classical dance styles used in Bollywood
    • Abhinaya - the art of storytelling through the movement and facial expression
    • Chemistry between the performer and the audience. Concepts of Rasa and Bhava.
    • Additional

    Option for Female participants: Mujra the Mughal Royal Court Dance: Female Solo with emphasis on classy flirtation through refined intricate hands gestures and facial expressions.

  • The style  
  • Workshop Choreography  

Session & Cost

Option 1:

Experience Workshop: Introduction to Gypsy or Bollywood or Silk dance styles.

Goal of this workshop is to familiarize the students with the original dance styles This workshop could be presented as
  • One time 2 hour session. Cost $250
  • A series of 4 sessions (1 hour each). Cost $400

Option 2:

Choreography Workshop: Gypsy, Bollywood or Silk dance styles.

Goal of this workshop is to learn and perform a full original choreography, which will enhance any public event at your college.

Examples of my group choreographies:  
  • Section of my original choreography: One time 2 hour workshop. Cost $350
  • Full choreography: A series of 6 sessions (1.5 hour each). Cost: $800
Client Reviews

It is a workshop of love and care for self. At times I felt as if my body was filled up with magic bubbles and floated in the air. I was consumed by endorphins of happiness! After such a therapy the body responded and presented me with smooth, glowing silky skin, not only on the face but all over the body.So, you see the cause and the effect!

- Sveta, Software Developer